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Cast Film Retains Clarity after Sterilisation

Posted in Packaging Materials and Products by emdtadmin on May 1, 2009



A cast-film grade from the Bormed polypropylene (PP) family is said to deliver best-in-class transparency for medical packaging applications. Bormed RE806CF, which is offered by Borealis (Vienna, Austria), produces cast films with superior optical properties even after steam sterilisation, high purity and good sealability, says the company. Produced at its new PP unit in Burghausen, Germany, Bormed RE806CF is a medium ethylene random copolymer without slip or antiblocking agents. It is based on the company’s proprietary Borstar-Sirius catalyst technology, which adds novel characteristics to PP to enable a step change in product performance. The cast film provides high gloss, low haze and good thermal stability with a melting point of 143°C.

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