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Innovative Packaging Can Increase Patient Compliance, Says Pharmapack Europe Conference Speaker

Posted by Camilla Andersson on February 4, 2013

Patient compliance will be a key theme during the upcoming Pharmapack Europe trade show, taking place 13 and 14 February 2013 at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. Cindy Haast, Business Development Manager, Burgopak Healthcare and Technology (London, UK), will discuss patient-centric design during the session “The design process of patient-centric packaging - from concept to production”. In this Q&A, Haast discusses the importance of patient-centric packaging.

Q: Today there is an increasing focus on improving patient compliance. Could you tell us about the main factors involved in noncompliance to drug treatments?
A: Poor patient compliance can be contributed to multifaceted factors, including poor disease knowledge, inadequate perception of the need for treatment, route of therapy administration and side effects. In addition, some diseases present themselves later in life, after lifestyle routines have been established, and are exceedingly tough to change. Not only are

Cindy Haast, Business Development Manager, Burgopak Healthcare and Technology


these patients told to take their medications; they are expected to maintain a treatment and a lifestyle regime that presents a staggering array of physical and emotional barriers to adherence. Patient motivations are driven by their drug-usage patterns, demographics and lifestyle, to name just a few environmental factors. We need to understand the full environment in which the patients find themselves to consider carefully what packaging can deliver. Innovative packaging solutions can help patients to take their medication as prescribed, as carefully designed packaging can make a significant contribution to patient compliance with respect to for example ease of identification, clarity of instructions and visible evidence of medication taken.

Q: The topic of your presentation is “The design process of patient-centric packaging - from concept to production”. What approach is behind this?
At the heart of each packaging solution is the design process, which can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Motivation,
  2. Developing a brief,
  3. Operational challenges,
  4. Communication targets.

Motivation is made up of analysing the patient needs. This is followed by the development of a comprehensive brief, which is not limited to product details, but also defines how packaging supports all stakeholders in the supply chain. It involves an understanding of the failings and strengths of predecessors and/or peers packaging. Innovative solutions are ordinarily IP protected, which is why manufacturing partners need to be part of the design process to tackle the operational challenges. And a project is never complete without taking into account communication targets, which is incidentally the fourth element of the design process.

Q: How is this approach implemented at Burgopak Healthcare & Technology?
At Burgopak we work very closely together with our clients and manufacturing partners at each step of the design process. During the presentation we will discuss three case studies to show how good design delivers added value to the brand owner, as well as to the patient. Patient-centric design can simplify the treatment regime and improve the delivery of product and information: creating lifestyle-orientated solutions and engagement with the consumer and patients are all contributing factors supporting patient compliance.

At Burgopak we are passionate about packaging design and innovation and we are proud to have been recognised in the industry as a multi-award winning business. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences of packaging design with us, the Burgopak team is available throughout the duration of the conference and the Pharmapack exhibition: you can find us at Stand 128.

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Patients should be aware

Patients should be aware medicines which they are getting and should know what are the side effects of it plus what are they really suffering from etc. The doctors should explain to them about the different aspect of their illness. I am pretty sure this would definitely make a positive effect on people.
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The conference is really

The conference is really good. They have been on the good thing with this one. - Dr. Hicham Riba