OxySense Unveils Optical Oxygen Measurement System Line

OxySense Unveils Optical Oxygen Measurement System Line

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OxySense Inc. (Dallas, Texas, USA), a supplier of optical oxygen measurement systems for packaging applications has introduced a line of noninvasive oxygen monitoring and permeation systems. The GEN III line is composed of the 5000 and 300 series of instruments, which comply with ASTM 2714-08 standards. “We wanted to significantly enhance our current models by adding a variety of new features and offer these newly enhanced systems at a price that will make your comptroller smile, even during these challenging economic times,” says Peter Gerard, president of OxySense.


The GEN III 5000 series is an oxygen measurement instrument designed to test or evaluate packages and packaging materials through permeation studies, headspace or dissolved O2 analyses, shelf life studies, closure testing, scavenger and line start-up evaluations or anaerobic environment monitoring. The stand-alone system can be used for noninvasive and invasive measurements in oil, water and air and also perform permeability analysis for film, bottles and live packages. Its small footprint and robust enclosure make it suitable for use on the production floor and also ensure simple line start-up testing and random QC tests.


The GEN III 300 series, which requires a computer interface, will perform most of the functions of the 5000 including, noninvasive headspace analysis for packages, bottles and blister packs; package material and design evaluation; closure design and evaluation; MAP production start up monitoring; research and development; QC and assurance; and product oxidation studies. Permeation study software is also available. The 300 is targeted at companies considering bringing their oxygen testing requirements inhouse for the first time.

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