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Recent developments in catheter and tube-processing equipment

Posted in Manufacturing Equipment by emdtadmin on March 1, 2003


Originally Published EMDM March/April 2003


Recent developments in catheter and tube-processing equipment

Manufacturing equipment handles tube-processing requirements

A complete range of machines for tubing processing is available from a company specializing in medical device production equipment. Among the products offered by Tecnoideal S.r.l. (Mirandola, MO, Italy) are programmable cutting machines for tubing in reels or on an extrusion line. These cut PVC, silicone, and other tubing for biomedical applications precisely and accurately. Tubing expanders and coiling and banding machines for tubing sets also are supplied.

Solvent and UV-activated-adhesive dispensers can dispense to the outer or inner surface of tubing and other components. Other tube-processing equipment in the specialty range includes machines that perform not only routine leak and obstruction testing in production, but also validation and destructive testing in R&D and quality assurance settings. Semiautomated assembly workstations round out the manufacturer’s standard equipment line.

In addition, the manufacturer is able to design and produce completely automatic, hands-off custom systems for the assembly and testing of medical tubing sets.


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