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Taking the Lead in Medtech Innovation

Posted in Cardiovascular by Camilla Andersson on March 1, 2012

Presenting the finalists of the 2012 MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards.


Update: The winners have been announced. Read more in the article "Winners of MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards Announced" on the MEDTEC Connection site.


The wait is almost over. The winners of the first MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards will be announced on 14 March at a ceremony during MEDTEC Europe 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany. In the meantime, we are proud to present the finalists.

Organised by UBM Canon, the MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards seek to recognise the contributions made by the medical device industry in Europe. The programme is open to worldwide companies that have a European base and individuals and teams involved in the design, engineering, manufacture or distribution of finished medical devices or medical packaging.

The judging panel includes Dr. Frank Witte, Director of Biomaterial Research, Hannover Medical School; Mary Beth Privitera, Associate Professor/Co-Director in the Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, University of Cincinnati; Coralie Gallis, CEA-LETI, Head Business Development for wearable devices dedicated to biology, healthcare and well-being; and Dr. Urs Schneider, Fraunhofer IPA.

For more information on the awards programme, the panel of judges and the ceremony at MEDTEC Europe, go to the MEDTEC EMDT Awards section on

Cardiology Products

corpuls³, manufactured by GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH
In designing the corpuls³, GS Elektromedizinische set out to cut the wires that traditionally tether patients to monitors. The device combines the functionality of an intensive care monitor, 12-lead ECG recorder, and defibrillation and pacing unit in a compact transport monitor. The modular system can be split up into three units—a monitoring system, patient box and defibrillator/pacer unit. Regardless of the configuration, the device maintains a constant data flow via IrData in compact use and via specialised Bluetooth in a modular arrangement.

Freedom Portable Driver, manufactured by SynCardia Systems

 Freedom portable driver for the Total Artificial Heart

The Freedom portable driver has transformed the Total Artificial Heart from an in-hospital mechanical circulatory support device with a bulky, immobile power supply to a modern, outpatient therapy with a portable power supply that provides the user with a near-normal quality of life. Once stable, the otherwise healthy patients can resume their daily lives while they wait for a matching donor heart. For simplicity of use, the Freedom driver was designed to be “set it and forget it.” Before the patient is switched to the Freedom driver, the clinician uses a special tool to access a dial that sets the beat rate. Once the patient is stable, the driver pressures do not need to change because the partial fill/full eject design of the Total Artificial Heart allows the patient’s body to regulate blood flow based on activity level.

MitraClip System, manufactured by Abbott


MR-type heart valve insufficiency traditionally is managed with medications or by open-heart surgery. Medical management provides symptom relief but is ineffective in treating the underlying pathology of MR or in impacting disease progression. Surgery is effective in reducing MR in most patients, but only 20% of patients with significant MR undergo surgery and in many patients, MR is left untreated. The catheter-based MitraClip device improves healthcare delivery by offering, for the first time, a nonsurgical option. The heart beats normally during the procedure, and therefore a heart-lung bypass machine is not required. After treatment, patients usually go home within two to three days and have been observed to recover quickly.

Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products

corpuls³, manufactured by GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH
See description under Cardiology Products.


RhinoChill Intranasal Cooling System, manufactured by BeneChill
The RhinoChill enables noninvasive rapid brain cooling in an emergency setting without interfering with the resuscitation effort. The technology makes use of the body’s natural heat exchanger, the nasal cavity, to rapidly cool the brain. It improves on existing devices because of its portability, ease of use, low power requirements and the fact that it requires no refrigeration.

Vylife Boussignac, manufactured by Valtronic for Vylife


The Vylife device bridges the gap between large, complex ventilators and simple devices used in transport ventilation treatment. It expands applications of the Boussignac Continuous Positive Airway Pressure concept, allowing the device to operate in various ventilation modes. With its compact size, noninvasive design and open breathing circuit, Vylife gives paramedics and emergency medical technicians a means to safely facilitate breathing and treat, for example, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who require bilevel positive airway pressure.

Dental Instruments or Equipment

Imetric Structured White-Light 3-D Scanner, manufactured by Erdmann Design and Imetric

 Imetric Structured White-Light 3-D scanner,
Image-processing software in the Imetric Structured White-Light 3-D scanner automatically processes images and creates accurate and fully surfaced 3-D models. Undercuts on the original object are automatically captured. The instrument’s human-centred design enables this device to meet current and evolving needs of dentists and patients.

iRaise, manufactured by Maxillent
iRaise provides a minimally invasive alternative to the open sinus lift, which is required when patients lack sufficient bone for dental implants in the maxilla. Currently, an open sinus lift requires specialist surgical skills and comprises 1.5 hours of invasive surgery. Patients may require weeks to recuperate. The iRaise reduces procedure time to 15 minutes and patients return to full activity within 24 hours, reporting minimal pain or discomfort.

Propoint, manufactured by DRFP Ltd
Propoint is an obturation point for use in root canal therapy. Propoint seals through expansion in the root canal, reducing the risk of infection, whereas traditional points require thermal or mechanical compaction. Propoint provides a simple, effective procedure that encourages general practitioners to perform root canal therapy instead of referring patients to a specialist. The product’s ease of use results in reduced time in dental surgery for the patient, and user panel feedback indicates a reduced risk of treatment failure.


Design Team

 Epionics SPINE

Erdmann Design AG
Erdmann Design and Epionics teamed up to develop Epionics SPINE, an instrument for the objective assessment of functional disorders in the lumbar spine area and analysis of pain-related changes in movement behaviour among patients with back pain. Comparable to a long-term ECG, the device reportedly can improve the efficacy of therapeutic interventions.

IllumaMed lighting systems

Schott AG
IllumaMed lighting systems provide medical device manufacturers with a comprehensive set of lighting applications for surgical suites, post-op and waiting rooms, MRI units, dental chairs and hospital beds. By combining their know-how in medical technology with their expertise in LED and fibre optics, Schott engineers were able to design a modular system that accommodates multiple applications without requiring major changes.

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

NanoFocus AG
The 3-D confocal microscope µsurf custom enables highly precise surface measurement of dental implants at the nanometre scale. Dental implants must have a certain roughness to achieve optimal attachment to the jawbone. To produce this texture, methods such as abrasive blasting and etching are used; continuous measurement during development and production ensure that roughness parameters stay within predefined tolerances. NanoFocus AG in collaboration with dental implant leader Straumann AG defined processes and parameters that informed international ISO norms.

RRC power solutions GmbH
RRC power solutions has developed a power supply system for wireless noncontact power transmission that eliminates cables and connectors. The inductive power system consists of a transmitter and receiver unit and can transmit up to 500 watts at greater than 92% efficiency, which is comparable to a wired system. An AED, respirator and hearing aid using this technology are under development. Potential future applications include pacemakers, sundry homecare devices and hospital equipment. For the latter application, inductive devices, which are completely sealed, can be sterilised more easily and thoroughly than instruments that use cables.

Robert Woolston BA (Hons) MCSD, DCA Design
Robert Woolston has long had a passion for helping people with diabetes lead a more comfortable life. A key example is DCA’s and Woolston’s contribution to the design and development of the SoloSTAR device for Sanofi, which allows the user to discretely select and inject the required dose of insulin. A winner of multiple design awards, the SoloSTAR is becoming one of the most successful medical devices of all time.

Start ups



Telcare developed what it calls the world’s only cellular-enabled glucose meter that transmits readings to caregivers and receives coaching and clinical feedback that is displayed on the screen. In designing this device, Telcare sought to create an “ecosystem of care” connecting patients with their healthcare professionals, family members and close friends to provide them with daily guidance.

Sequana Medical


Refractory ascites is a brutal condition that typically requires patients to undergo repeat large-volume paracentesis. Patients accumulate fluid at a rate of 1 litre a day until the abdomen is so tense and distended that they have no choice but to visit the hospital for inpatient or outpatient paracentesis. Sequana Medical has developed an implantable pump that moves ascites from the abdominal cavity to the bladder. The ALFApump reduces the need for repeated invasive intervention and, according to the manufacturer, delivers significant savings to the healthcare system.

Vivoline Medical AB


Demand for lung transplants far exceeds the supply of usable donor organs—approximately one in four patients die while waiting for a transplant. It is worth noting, however, that only 20% of donated lungs are ever transplanted because of uncertainty about the quality of the organs. Vivoline Medical has developed a system that enables efficient extracorporeal testing and treatment of rejected lungs, thereby increasing organ supply.

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The device combines the

The device combines the functionality of an intensive care monitor, 12-lead ECG recorder, and defibrillation and pacing unit in a compact transport monitor.

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