Packaging and Sterilisation

  • Sourcing a Sterilisation Method for Single-Use Medical Devices
    Choosing an appropriate sterilisation technology depends on material properties, packaging, penetration parameters and product sensitivity. Philippe Dethier, IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    (December, 2013)
  • A Symbol Plan
    Replacing text with universal standardised symbols on medical device labels is a good idea, as long as the meaning is clear. By Gabriel Adusei, PhD, Cambridge, UK
    (September, 2013)
  • Think Data, Not Labelling
    Mislabelling can have severe consequences for a medical device company. But the label itself is not the challenge; manufacturers need to focus on managing the data that surround the label. By Dave Taylor, Prisym ID, Wokingham, UK  
    (September, 2013)
  • Prisym ID Introduces High-Resolution Print Inspection System
    An integrated inspection system that offers manufacturers complete label integrity from design and print to label inspection is now available in a high-resolution version. Prisym Medica from Prisym ID is designed to eliminate risks that can occur through printer issues, partially automated systems a...
    (June, 2013)
  • Medical Packaging Innovators Form a Community
      WORK-AROUNDS HAVE SAVED MY LIFE in publishing more than a few times, but in the medical realm—where lives literally are at stake—they are not always a good idea. This point was brought home during a conversation about sterile medical packaging that I had at MEDTEC Europe....
    (April, 2013)
  • Multisorb to Exhibit Products for Pharmaceutical Stability at Pharmapack Europe
    Multisorb Technologies will present its Calculations through Operations program and sorbent products (e.g., desiccants, oxygen absorbers and volatile absorbers) for pharmaceutical stability at Pharmapack Europe, taking place 13 to 14 February 2013, in Paris. Multisorb’s Calculations through O...
    (February, 2013)
  • Pharmapack Europe Conference Speaker Will Encourage Attendees to Get Started on Eco-Design Projects
    In 2010, Adelphe, accredited by the French authorities to manage the collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging on behalf of companies selling packaged products on the French market. published a guide to raise awareness of eco-design. At the Pharmapack Europe 2013 tradeshow, taking p...
    (February, 2013)
  • Pharma Industry Needs to Focus on the Complete Patient Experience, Says Pharmapack Europe Speaker
    A session at the Pharmapack Europe 2013 conference will focus on how the pharmaceutical packaging and drug-delivery industry is changing. Andy Fry, Founder, Team Consulting Ltd, will discuss how the focus is shifting from establishing performance in controlled settings to establishing real-worl...
    (February, 2013)
  • Innovative Packaging Can Increase Patient Compliance, Says Pharmapack Europe Conference Speaker
    Patient compliance will be a key theme during the upcoming Pharmapack Europe trade show, taking place 13 and 14 February 2013 at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. Cindy Haast, Business Development Manager, Burgopak Healthcare and Technology (London, UK), will discuss patient-centric des...
    (February, 2013)
  • Pharmapack Europe 2013 to Emphasise Patient Compliance
    The exhibition, conference and prestigious awards programme will encourage attendees to place the patient at the centre of the innovation process.
    (January, 2013)
  • Pharmapack Europe: Aptar Pharma Increases Production Capacities at Eigeltingen Facility
    Nasal and pulmonary drug-delivery device manufacturer Aptar Pharma will present its products at Pharmapack Europe, taking place 13 to 14 February 2013 at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. Aptar Pharma provides systems for the delivery of unpreserved formulations. The company recently anno...
    (January, 2013)
  • Feature: Vorteile eines validierten Standardverpackungssystems
    Vor wenigen Jahren noch Wunschtraum und Vision jedes Medizinprodukteherstellers und Verpackungsanbieters, heute Realität: Validierte Standardverpackungssysteme, die nach aufwändigen und intensiven Prüfungen entstanden sind.
    (October, 2012)
  • Frozen Shipping Products Maintain Payloads at Optimal Temperature
    AcuTemp Thermal Systems is a manufacturer of active and passive temperature-controlled products for the transportation of life-saving and life-enhancing products. The newest addition to the AcuTemp line minimises the quantity of dry ice that is required to safely ship products. AcuTemp’s expan...
    (June, 2012)
  • Burst Tester Verifies Sterile Barrier Seal Strength
    The Mark 5 version of the MET Mini Burst Tester is specifically designed for verification of sterile barrier seal strength in cleanrooms and QA laboratories. Performing burst tests as described in ASTM F2054 and ASTM F1140, the device is now available with a high volume option. This version of the m...
    (January, 2012)
  • Amcor Flexibles Showcases BNE Films at Compamed
    Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas (AFEA), a supplier of flexible packaging, showcased a selection of packaging material at Compamed 2011. Among other items, the company featured its range of buried nylon films suitable for EtO sterilisation. The films are suitable for the packacking of syringes,...
    (November, 2011)
  • MEDTEC Ireland Preview: Company Offers Contract Services for Blending, Packaging and Storage of Formulations
    With offices in Cork, Dublin and Belfast, Carbon Group offers a range of fine chemicals, solvents and natural ingredients from global producers. The firm also has contract packagin and manufacturing capabilities and expertise, with on-site facilities for blending (both wet and powder products), and ...
    (September, 2011)
  • Tray Sealer is Designed for Cleanroom Compatibility
    A compact, semiautomatic tray sealer is suited for low-volume applications. Built on the same chassis as the manufacturer’s T250 tray sealer, the T260 has more sealing force, seals more trays per cycle and offers a higher level of seal integrity than its predecessor, according to the company. ...
    (September, 2011)
  • Tubing Set Coiling Machine Can Reduce Risk of Injury to Hands and Wrists
    The Mini-Winder tubing set coiling machine from S-Y-M Products is used in manufacturing and packaging of disposable medical devices, such as IV tubing and catheters. When using the Mini-Winder, tubing is coiled and packaged faster and the risk of injury to hands and wrists is reduced, according...
    (August, 2011)
  • Compact Micro Diaphragm Liquid Pump is Self-Priming and Maintenance-Free
    A manufacturer of diaphragm liquid pumps, KNF Flodos (Sursee; specialises in the research and development of diaphragm pump technology. “Our speciality is the development of very, very small pumps that you cannot find anywhere else,” says Jean Delteil, Marketing Manage...
    (June, 2011)
  • Rigid Packaging Material Withstands EtO, Gamma and E-beam Sterilisation
    Prent Corp.’s new MEDEX 641 medical-grade rigid packaging material features exceptional clarity and yield per pound, according to the company. The designer and producer of custom thermoformed packages for the medical device industry has introduced this new material as an alternative to XT poly...
    (June, 2011)
  • Thermoforming Machines Can Process Rigid and Soft Materials
      Italian machine manufacturer AL.MA builds thermoforming packaging machines for medical products in its own factory, handling everything from design and production using modern CNC systems to assembly and final ...
    (May, 2011)
  • Robotic Line Combines Deep-Draw Thermoforming and Carton Packaging
    A new robotic line, which integrates deep-draw thermoforming and carton packaging in one monobloc unit, is designed around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a limited space. With its new Unica robotic line, the Marchesini Group has completed its range of machine...
    (April, 2011)
  • Innovative Technologies for the Biofunctionalisation and Terminal Sterilisation of Medical Devices
    New enabling technologies are driving growth in the biological products market.
    (February, 2011)
  • Packaging and contract manufacturing
    SteriPack offers contract packaging services for the medical device industry. It also offers manufacutring capabilities that encompass moulding, cleaning, welding, assembly and packaging. The company also offers contract services ranging from product design to full-scale manufacturing. Registered wi...
    (September, 2010)
  • Tubing Set Coiler Suited for Packaging Disposable Medical Devices
    The Mini-Winder tubing set coiling machine from S-Y-M Products Co. is suitable for packaging disposable medical devices such as tubing or wire sets. After an operator places a length of material on the turntable, the speed, diameter of coil, number of rotations and direction of the turntable can be ...
    (August, 2010)