Testing and Inspection

  • Quality-Monitoring System
    The latest version of the maXYmos process and part quality monitoring system from Kistler Instruments Ltd, the maXYmos TL, comes with a range of compatible sensors. 
    (September, 2014)
  • New Optical Profiler for 3D Optical Profilometry
    Sensofar has introduced its new ›S neox‹, designed for non-contact optical 3D surface topology and nanostructure measurements in medical technology, semiconductor, microoptics and microarrays, MEMS and other fields.
    (October, 2013)
  • Fundamentals of Electrosurgery
    Electrosurgery generator units (ESU) need to be tested regularly to ensure that they are safe for the operator and patient. 
    (August, 2013)
  • Medtech Breakthroughs of 2013: Bioindenter
      An instrument that measures the elasticity and rigidity of biological tissue—reportedly the first device of its kind to perform these measurements in a physiological environment—has been developed by the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Manufacturing and CSM Instruments. T...
    (July, 2013)
  • Linear Stage Combines Durability, Accuracy
    PI has introduced a robust precision linear stage. PI has introduced a robust precision linear stage designed for industrial surface metrology and microscopy applications. The PI miCos MCS XY two-axis positioning syst...
    (June, 2013)
  • Roundness Tester is Designed for Demanding Environments
    Ametek Taylor Hobson's Surtronic R-Series roundness and form tester Ametek Taylor Hobson has introduced a high-throughput roundness measuring system suitable for the shop floor and the inspection room. Applications in...
    (December, 2012)
  • How Healthy Are Your Vital Signs Monitors?
    Vital signs monitors need to be checked regularly to ensure they work accurately and safely. This has led to the development of high-performance simulators to undertake vital signs simulation and performance testing.
    (November, 2012)
  • Hardness Tester Features Advanced Image Analysis System
    The newly developed single indenter Vickers-Knoop hardness tester Wilson Hardness Tukon 3100 from ITW Test & Measurement has been designed to maximise efficiency, accuracy and usability. Its advanced microscope quality optics, patent pending safety collision control, high speed stage, and the ve...
    (July, 2012)
  • Mechanical Testing of Medical Implants
    Implants and the materials used for their production undergo extensive tests, which include the evaluation of the static and dynamic mechanical properties of the raw materials, components and systems. Many of these tests are internationally standardised. Other testing procedures are specific to ...
    (May, 2012)
  • Novel End-of-Line Robotic Measurement System Offers Universally Adjustable Test Adapter
    Provider of robotic measuring systems for performing objective quality assessments Battenberg Robotic GmbH & Co.KG has finalised a new type of end-of-line (EOL) robotic measurement system. The new test cell RobEOL 2 for semi-automatic end-of-line testing of control panels features a universally ...
    (February, 2012)
  • Medical Device Testing Company Offers Analytical Services for Implants
    Intertek provides scientific support services, conducting chemical and physical analysis of medical devices at all stages of the design, trial and manufacturing processes. The firm’s scientific services address the fields of metals, polymers and pharmaceuticals, and provide both long-term scie...
    (February, 2012)
  • Leak Test Equipment Displays Test Pressure and Flow Value Simultaneously
    The NSM-Junior leak test system from SI-special instruments is a small desktop unit suited for fully automated testing. The device generates precise test pressure via an electronically controlled pressure reducing valve. Following the settling phase, inflowing air is measured, which is necessary to ...
    (February, 2012)
  • Stent Securement Testing Equipment Can Be Used for Quality Assurance and Regulatory Submissions
    The SR1000 stent securement testing equipment from Machine Solutions Inc. is designed to measure and record the force required to dislodge a balloon-expandable stent from its proper position on a balloon. The SR1000 has a multisectioned segmental head, one segment of which radially grips the balloon...
    (January, 2012)
  • Measurement Technology for Sensor Series Eliminates Need for Individual Tests
    Honeywell continues to expand its TruStability board-mount pressure sensor platform with a new ultralow pressure sensor series that provides long-term stability, total error band (TEB), accuracy, flexibility, and high burst and working pressures. The TruStability HSC (High Accuracy Silicon Cerami...
    (October, 2011)
  • Measuring the Impact of Common Environmental Conditions on Laboratory Data Integrity
    A team of scientists journey to extreme locations to demonstrate how even the most typical laboratory conditions can wreak havoc on pipette accuracy.
    (October, 2011)
  • Inspection System is Designed for the Evaluation of Orthopaedic Components
    An aesthetic inspection optical vision system is designed for the evaluation of orthopaedic components, specifically of the hip joint sphere. Orthoflex is a three-axis flexible system with a high-resolution smart camera. It can inspect 20- to 60-mm spheres for defects that may be present on the poli...
    (September, 2011)
  • Testing and Analytical Services Offered for Forceps
    Testing, analytical and problem-solving services for devices such as forceps, which can discolour as the result of daily cleaning and disinfecting, are offered by RMS Foundation. Electrochemical methods are used to assess corrosion resistance. Other testing processes include X-ray photo-electron spe...
    (September, 2011)
  • Testing Systems Evaluate Tensile Strength of Soft Tissues and Fracture Mechanics
    Testing systems can perform several types of mechanical tests. The ElectroPuls E10000 and E10000 Linear-Torsion All-Electric Dynamic systems can evaluate the tensile strength of soft tissues and fracture mechanics, using linear motor technology an a single testing platform. The systems can run both ...
    (September, 2011)
  • System Measures Adhesive’s Degree of Cure in Less than One Second
    The Loctite AssureCure system from Henkel combines a Loctite light-cure adhesive with a monitoring system to measure the degree of cure. The system includes new adhesive technology, fibre-optic light sources, a light detector unit and PC or PLC software. The system is designed to detect, measure, a...
    (July, 2011)
  • System Combines Helium Leak-Detection Technology with SIMS Software
    Leak Detection Associates manufactures high-sensitivity leak detection systems for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. The company recently launched the SIMS 1284+, which combines advanced helium leak-detection technology with SIMS software for data collection and analysis. Usin...
    (June, 2011)
  • Sensor Combines Different Measuring Technologies
    A new sensor is available for Hexagon Metrology’s Leitz Reference series of coordinate measuring machines. The LSP-X1h sensor is capable of accommodating styli lengths measuring 20 to 225 mm in the axial orientation and up to 50 mm in the lateral orientation. The sensor attaches to the Tesasta...
    (June, 2011)
  • System Inspects Catheter Tubing and Medical-Grade Plastics
    The Series PS-100 Macrovideo Polarimeter System from Strainoptics enables fast and easy inspection of strain patterns in clear and translucent plastic products. The system consists of a high-precision, laboratory-quality polarimeter equipped with a colour CCD video camera with 10:1 zoom magnificatio...
    (June, 2011)
  • Detection Machine for Blister Packs Uses High-Resolution Camera
    Sepha Ltd has developed a tool-less, vision-based leak detection machine for blister packs. The Visionscan system is an alternative to the blue dye test and can be integrated into quality control systems. Visionscan uses high-resolution imaging technology to detect defects in individual blister p...
    (June, 2011)
  • Instron Optimises Gripping Devices for Tensile Testing of Soft Biological Tissues
    Instron’s pneumatically operated Type 2712-019 grips are particularly suited for testing tissue samples, according to the company. The proof is in an internal survey that the firm conducted. To prevent slipping and premature specimen failure, for example, the study found that grips should have...
    (April, 2011)
  • Video measuring machine
    A measuring system from Vision Engineering is suited for a range of medical device inspection applications. It includes a facility for importing and exporting CAD files and provides advanced data analysis, including the integration of PC software. The Falcon 5000 video measuring machine comes with a...
    (September, 2010)