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Novel Self-Apposing Stents To Treat Coronary Heart Disease

By Bernard Banga -
A French medtech company has developed the first self-apposing stent to treat acute myocardial infarction. It might represent the start of a new era in the treatment of coronary heart disease.

Disposable EEG Face Mask to Diagnose Brain Disorders

By Adele Graham-King -
Research scientists have developed a disposable EEG face mask which can be easily applied to measure brain activity in order to determine brain damage and trauma in acute medical settings.

New HealthTech Company Combines Philips Healthcare and Consumer Businesses

By Thomas Klein -
The Dutch electronics conglomerate Philips announced last week that it will split the company into two separate legal units: HealthTech and Lighting Solutions.

A New Generation of Smart Spinal Implants

By Eric Charles and Nathalie Gnory -
A medtech company from the Lyon region has launched the world's first spinal rod specifically pre-contoured for each patient, which could be a breakthrough innovation for spinal surgery.

Medtech Start-Ups: Wearable Devices to Capture Body Motions

By Thomas Klein -
The Italian start-up Captiks develops wearable, wireless devices that measure body motions for kinematic and functional analysis.

New Integrated Laser Platform for Ophthalmology

By Bernard Banga and Thomas Petit-Bourg -
A French company based in Clermont-Ferrand has developed a new generation of medical lasers, which is enabling ophthalmologists to treat cataracts and glaucoma using the same device.

Deeper Melanoma Imaging

By Ute Eppinger -
A new handheld device using lasers and sound waves allows to look deeper into the skin, measuring the thickness of melanoma tumors.

EU SME Programme Funds Potentially Disruptive Ideas - €90 Million Up for Grabs

By Adele Graham-King -
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises can apply for EU funding within the Horizon 2020 programme for high-potential innovation projects.

Medical Device Makers Challenged by FDA Mandates for UDI

By Bruce Gain -
Medical device makers are facing a number of challenges as they add UDI capabilities to their products in order to comply with FDA mandates.

New Ultrasound Device Busts Blood Clots in the Brain

By Ute Eppinger -
After a stroke, a new device can help to dissolvie blood clots in the brain with ultrasound.