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Bayer to Sell its Diabetes Device Business

By Thomas Klein -
According to a Reuters article, the German pharma company Bayer is cooperating with Credit Suisse to search for potential buyers of its diabetes device business.

French Start-Up Creates Artificial Pancreas

By Bernard Banga and Thomas Petit-Bourg -
A French start-up has developed the first European implantable bioartificial pancreas for treating patients with type 1 diabetes. Human clinical trials are scheduled to begin by 2016.

A Way to End Needle-Phobia

By Wolfgang Walk -
A Canadian study explores a new method for painless injections that might lead to improved commercial devices.

Will Foreign Tweaks Upset the UDI Apple Cart?

By Shana Leonard -
International harmonization efforts focused on unique device identification are underway. But even the slightest deviations could cause serious problems for multinational medtech companies.

Medtech Start-Ups: New Extrusion Technology Might Reduce Costs Significantly

By Thomas Klein -
The Irish start-up DiaNia Technologies is working on new a platform extrusion technology for catheters allowing in-built lubricity on the inside and outside surface of an extrusion.

Compamed 2014 Wrap-up

By Thomas Klein -
As every year, medical device companies, suppliers and contract manufacturers gathered in Düsseldorf to discuss new developments and technologies in the Medtech mnarkets.

A Permanent Electrical Gateway to the Human Body

By Bernard Banga -
A French start-up has developed a new generation of osseointegrated percutaneous electrical connectors for renal and circulatory support.

Universities and Start-Ups Strive to Develop Rapid Diagnostic Devices for Ebola

By Adele Graham-King -
A number of universities and start-ups are working on devices that provide faster and more effective diagnosis of Ebola.

Will We See Prototypes of 4-D Printed Medical Devices in 2015?

By Bruce Gain -
After researchers began describing the variation of 3-D printing over a year ago, 4-D printed medical applications could see the prototype stage by end of next year, according to analysts.

How was 2014 for the big European Medtech Companies? - Part 6: Essilor

By Thomas Klein -
As the year is nearing the finish line, we took a close look at the numbers of Q3 earnings reports to see how 2014 went for the big European medtech companies.