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Roche’s Diagnostic Business Grows by 7 Percent Despite Strong Franc

By Thomas Klein -
Despite the surge of the Franc against the Euro, the Swiss Roche group has had a decent half year. The company posted a 6% increase in revenues in the second quarter of 2015, profits, however declined by 7%.

How 3-D Printing Allows Endoscopic Interventions to Become more Precise

By Thomas Klein -
Researchers at Ulm University Medical Center have combined Single-Port- and 3D- printing-technology for gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Fresenius Lifts Guidance For Second Time in 2015

By Thomas Klein -
German healthcare group Fresenius is having an excellent year so far. The company said in its Q2 earnings report that it had sales of €13.4 bn, a 25% increase in actual rates.

Smith & Nephew Grows in Emerging Markets

By Thomas Klein -
Britisch Smith&Nephew had a strong half year. It posted revenues of $2.27bn, an increase of 4%. Trading profit in the first half of 2015 improved by 6% to $512m. The company said that it would maintain guidance for 2015.

Weak Euro Gives Siemens Healthcare a Boost

By Thomas Klein -
Benefiting from a weak Euro, Siemens’ healthcare devision archived double digit revenue and order growth.

Japanese Scientists Develop Microneedles-Based Vaccine Patch

By Thomas Klein -
Researchers from Osaka University in Japan devised a microneedle patch made of dissolvable material to deliver vaccinations.

Philips Back on Track due to Recovery of US Business

By Thomas Klein -
After a few disappointing years, Dutch electronics giant Philips performed better in first half of 2015 than most analysts had expected.

Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making when Developing a Case for Your Medical Device

By Yuval Spector -
Are you in the process of designing a carrying solution for your medical devices? If yes, you may be guilty of some common mistakes that can be easily avoided. We’ve put together a list to help you optimize the process.

U.S. Pressures Medical Device Makers to Improve Product Tracking and Safety

By Bruce Gain -
A bill making its way through congress in the United States will mandate better tracking and monitoring of medical devices sold in the U.S., as suppliers face stricter regulations in that market.

Start-Up Develops Affordable Exoskeleton for Paraplegics

By Bernard Banga -
A young French start-up has just developed a motorised exoskeleton for paraplegics. Patients require neither a gamepad nor a joystick to control the device.