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2011? It Was a Very Good Year for European Medtech

Posted by Norbert Sparrow on October 17, 2012

Pop open the Dom Perignon. Overall, the European medtech industry grew at a higher rate in 2011 than in 2010, reports Ernst & Young in its 2012 edition of the Pulse of the Industry. Revenues increased by 8% compared with 2010 (from US$117.4 billion to US$127.4 billion) and net income was up 5% (US$5.9 billion to US$6.2 billion). "European growth also outperformed the United States across the majority of financial indicators," notes Ernst & Young.

Fresenius Kabi and Sonova Holding (the Switzerland-based hearing technology company) topped the list of the fastest growing medtech companies in Europe, tied with a CAGR of 19%, followed by Elekta, Qiagen and Stratec Biomedical Systems.

The report was distributed at MedTech Forum 2012 in Brussels last week and is available as a free download.

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