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In Defence of Incremental Improvement

Posted by Norbert Sparrow on October 13, 2011

At the Eucomed MedTech Forum in Brussels this week, there has been a lot of talk about medical apps, e-health, disruptive technologies and shifting business models. In that context, the notion of incremental improvement just isn't very sexy. Still, that's no reason to give it the cold shoulder, and Roland Pfleger, Vice President and General Manager, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions EMEA, Covidien, came to its defence during the CEO Summit on 13 October.

"Improving the seal on an airway device is a small incremental improvement," Pfleger told the 400+ attendees, "but it can have a dramatic effect on reducing hospital-acquired infections." Sometimes a little goes a long way.

For more coverage of the conference, go to medtechinsider.com.

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