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Device Reaches for the Cloud

Posted by Norbert Sparrow on April 17, 2012


The LifeTouch Patient Surveillance System is reportedly the first CE-marked Class IIa medical device to be designed for use with cloud-based technology. Described as a complete “vitals-as-a-service clinical solution,” the system from Isansys Lifecare Ltd monitors vital signs in real-time and makes them available for viewing via a local network on a web server interface or sends them to a secure cloud-based electronic patient record.
From the press release: For the first time, it is economically viable for healthcare providers not only to improve patient safety and enhance clinical outcomes, but also to massively reduce costs associated with avoidable patient deterioration, medical errors, readmissions to intensive care wards, and admissions (and readmissions) to hospital.

It is also worth noting that this product has a bright future in emerging economies, as it offers healthcare providers the ability to leapfrog more expensive medical devices currently in use. Additional functionality can be incorporated in the Lifetouch system that will enable low-cost screening and targeted monitoring of specific cardiac conditions, according to the company.


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