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Healthcare Will Drive M2M in the USA

Posted by Norbert Sparrow on December 11, 2012

As we prepare to make the leap into 2013, year-end wrap-ups and prognostications, predictably, are proliferating. Here are some thoughts on what the future holds for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication from Jürgen Hase, Vice President of M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom and Chairman of the M2M Alliance. Healthcare will drive M2M in the United States, according to Hase, but automotive is in the driver's seat in Europe.

Healthcare will be a main driver of M2M in the United States, writes Hase. "Using M2M devices, a patient’s state of health can be monitored continuously. A computer checks readings such as blood pressure, pulse or blood sugar level and notifies a doctor or care workers in the event of an emergency. As US health insurance providers recognise the potential long term savings, they will subsidise a great number of M2M solutions in 2013," he predicts.

In Europe, automotive applications will spur M2M developments. Starting in 2015, all newly registered motor vehicles must be equipped with an eCall emergency call system, says Hase. This will lead automobile manufacturers to focus on integrating embedded SIMs to comply with this new EU regulation, he adds.

Other M2M trends that will flourish in 2013, according to Hase:

Middleware layers will speed up development and deployment. Placed on top of existing layers such as connectivity and device management, they will provide support for common tasks in all industries – for instance, in setting up heterogenous sensor networks for industrial monitoring.

M2M is about to enter the next evolutionary stage from simply collecting data to analysing it. Today, it is already possible to detect attrition in production facilities by analysing data in real time. Combined with machine learning algorithms, such applications will recognise more and more patterns and allow completely new insights in our businesses.

M2M is not a local-based business. In 2013, we will witness a number of strategic alliances, which will shape the future of the M2M market and provide seamless service in all countries.

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science kit It was so nice to

science kit It was so nice to hear about the M2M trends that would have been flourished in 2013 according to Hase. I also believe that there will be a great future for the M2M business marketing and I was able to know more about this through this article.

This preference for cars does

This preference for cars does not mean that there is poor public transport. It is simply that the convenience and affordability of a car make it the first choice of many. The question of people handling more exacting road conditions is another issue. Given Tip By: Cristopher Kent.

Machine learning algorithms?

Machine learning algorithms? We're still at the beginning of the road with these ones, I wonder what role will these machines play in healthcare 20 years from now... As a patient I don't think I would be at peace if a machine prescribed me Clopidogrel. I rather trust human judgement instead.

Healthcare should be given to

Healthcare should be given to all people. The poor needs this in order for them to sustain whatever they need when they are sick. - Richard E. Dover