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Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Clean Rapid Transfer Port CRTP

By thomas Klein -
The New Clean Rapid Transfer Port CRTP helps to make the use of isolation technology for sterile medical device manufacturing more viable.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Articulated Arm Robot

By Thomas Klein -
Mitsubishi Electric offers the RV-F Series articulated 6-axle arm robot. The company says that it can boast with cycle times of only 0.32 seconds increasing its productivity.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Ultra Precise 2D Galvanometer Scan Head

By Thomas Klein -
Acal BFi UK Ltd says that it has developed a novel 2D Scan head that offers the highest performance in terms of accuracy, drift, and speed coupled with very low noise.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Workholding Equipment

By Thomas Klein -
Lenzkes' patented range of quick release work holding offer more height and reach than any other manual clamping system on the market

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Ultrashort Laser Pulses

By Thomas Klein -
Femtos GmbH has developed manufacturing techniques for medical device company based on ultrashort laser pulses.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Titanium Molecular Etching

By Thomas Klein -
Advanced Chemical Etching has developed a novel process called TiME (Titanium Molecular Etching).

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Chemotherapy Cap

By Thomas Klein -
Primasil, academia and cooling equipment manufacturer Paxman have cooperated to develop a new silicone rubber material and a new design for Paxman’s cooling cap – used to prevent or reduce hair loss in chemotherapy patients.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Manufacturing Execution Systems Software

By Thomas Klein -
The manufacturing execution systems (MES) software Shopfloor-Online Lifescience Edition was designed specifically for medical device companies.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Manufacturing Software for Medical Device Manufacturers

By Thomas Klein -
ATS ADOS software is a suite of applications that collects, reports and analyses data from production and maps it across the value chain to determine the best fit to optimize production operations.

Exhibitor Innovations Competition: Biocompatibility testing

By Thomas Klein -
FDA approved CLS MedPharma has invested an additional €1M into the biocompatibility testing area offering global testing and validation services to both medical device and pharmaceutical companies