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Changing the Mould of Bone-Repair Materials

By Adele Graham-King -
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have developed a new synthetic bone graft substitute (BGS). The development could mean that there is no longer a need for permanent implants in bone graft and other orthopaedic surgery.

Advances in Battery Technology Might Change the Way Implants are Powered

By Thomas Klein -
Supplying energy to implantable devices is challenging. Recent breakthroughs in battery technology might help to solve these problems.

Increasing Operational Efficiency in the Face of UDI: Taking a 360-Degree View

By Warren Ward-Stacey -
Increasing operational efficiency whilst ensuring regulatory compliance is a primary aim for all medical device manufacturers and is a driver for change in many organizations. And whilst the last few years have seen some companies recognize the commercial benefits of introducing scalable technology solutions, others remain on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder.

Dr Mario Will See You Now (But He Might Be a Quack)

By Thomas Klein -
Consumer electronics and information technology companies are invading the healthcare market. But do traditional medical device companies need to worry about the new competition?

Les révisions tarifaires de l’année

By MD Report -
Le Comité économique des produits de santé (CEPS) fixe les tarifs des dispositifs médicaux à usage individuel en France.

How to Use Shape-Memory Alloys for Medical Devices

By Christian Grossmann -
Shape-memory alloys have either a thermally activated "memory" or superelastic properties. Due to their good corrosion resistance and biocompatibility the alloys have become important in many areas of medical technology.

Financement des medtechs en France

By MD Report -
Les aides publiques et privées pour les start-up seront au centre d’une table ronde de Medtec France 2014. Cartographie des ressources.

How to Survive in a Buyers Market – Strategies for a Changing Hospital Purchasing Landscape

By Thomas Klein -
Big purchasing groups are gaining importance in the area of hospital procurement. But many medical device companies remain ill-prepared to deal with the changing landscape.

Novel Polymer Gel Coating Could Enable Targeted Treatment Delivery

By Ute Eppinger -
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have taken a significant step toward practical usage in a range of exciting biomedical applications.

3-D Printed Splints Save Baby’s Life

By Adele Graham-King -
Surgeons at the University of Michigan have successfully designed and developed a new 3-D printed tracheal splint, which has saved an 18-month-old baby’s’ life.