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Novel Headband Device Prevents Migraine

By Adele Graham-King -
Belgium based Cefaly-Technology developed a new device that embraces transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to prevent migraine.

MedTech Industry News Roundup

By Thomas Klein -
An overview of past week’s industry news: Siemens is about to sell a part of its diagnostics division, Vectura buys German inhaler manufacturer, and Trumpf aims to dispose of its medical business.

Five Examples of 3-D Printing Changing the MedTech World

By Thomas Klein -
Still need proof that 3-D printing will revolutionize the medical industry? Take look at some recent innovations and advancements enabled by 3-D printing.

Nickel in Implants Doesn’t Increase Allergic Reaction, Study Finds

By Ute Eppinger -
Nickel is a known cause for allergic reactions reaching from redness and itching to even blisters. A new study shows that nickel-titanium alloys in wires used in cardiovascular implants bear no increased risk for allergy sufferers.

Fraunhofer Develops Two-Armed Robot for Unloading Boxes

By Thomas Klein -
Fraunhofer IPA has developed a new two-armed Pick and Place robot for unloading boxes in production. While bulk in boxes is currently being unloaded mainly manually, the new robot could lead to a higher level of automation and reduced cycle times.

How to Measure Blood Glucose with Saliva

By Adele Graham-King -
Non-invasive glucose testing has to be the key to increasing patient adherence in diabetes management. A start-up has built a of device that monitors the glucose level using the patient's saliva.

FDA Will See You Now: How to Gain Clarity from U.S. Regulators

By Ken Block -
Earlier this year, FDA released the new final guidance document Requests for Feedback on Medical Device Submissions. This guidance is essential for Class II and III manufacturers wondering how to seek clarifications from U.S. regulators before or after applications are sent to FDA for new or modified medical devices

UDI: What European Companies Should Do Now

By Thomas Klein -
The current status of the UDI implementation? With regard to Europe, one might say: It’s complicated. Nonetheless, companies need to start preparing.

Silk-Based Screws Could Help to Heal Bone Fractures

By Thomas Klein -
Researchers from Tufts University have developed surgical plates and screws made of silk protein from silkworm cocoons.

How Optogenetics Might Enable Deaf Patients to Hear with Light

By Thomas Klein -
Researchers have developed a technology that might overcome the flaws of cochlear implants stimulating neurons optically instead of electronically.