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Should You Break Up with Your Notified Body?

By Shana Leonard -
Medical device makers need to take a long, hard look at their Notified Bodies and assess whether or not they're likely to survive increased scrutiny in the changing regulatory landscape.

Endoscopic Microscopy Goes Sub-Cellular

By Ute Eppinger -
Endoscopic microscopes today are helpful in detecting all kinds of diseases. A novel portable fiber-optic microscope can help detecting cancer inside the body.

EKF Extends Personalised Treatment Portfolio with Acquisitions

By Thomas Klein -
Diagnostics company EKF announced today that it has bought the US-based molecular diagnostics tests supplier Selah Genomics and the Swedish Diaspect Medical.

Fusing MRI and Ultrasounds to Detect Prostate Cancer

By Ute Eppinger -
A new technology helps to avoid blind multiple biopsies by leading the doctor straight to the tumor.

FDA Goes Mobile: Regulation of Medical Apps

By Kenneth L. Block -
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued their final guidance document regarding the regulation of Mobile Medical Applications (Apps) as medical devices.

Microfluidic Plaster Facilitates Health Monitoring

By Adele Graham-King -
The University of Illinois and Northwestern University have designed and developed a new flexible microfluidic medical plaster that could be used for a wide range of wireless monitoring.

One-Dollar Microscope to Fight Malaria

By Thomas Klein -
A new microscope made out of paper could bring help to millions of Malaria patients around the world. Material costs of the device are below one US Dollar.

High-Speed Inspection System Processes Work Pieces at 10 Meters per Second

By Thomas Klein -
Researchers from Fraunhofer IPM in Freiburg have developed an in-line inspection system for work pieces, such as pipes, rails, wires, or boards.

Vacuum-Cleaning the Heart

By Ute Eppinger -
An expanded FDA clearance for AngioDynamics's AngioVac may allow for a cheaper, safer approach for treating patients with venous thromboembolic disease.

New Imagining Technology Might Lead to Molecularly Targeted Cancer Therapies

By Ute Eppinger -
Swiss researchers Bernd Bodenmiller, Detlef Günther, and colleagues developed a novel way to create images of the complex biochemical processes between cells in and around a tumor.