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Researchers Develop Reliable Next Generation Shape Metal Alloys

By Michael Lang -
Researchers in Germany and in the USA have created a thin titanium-nickel-copper-alloy with excellent material properties. In the future, they might be used in artificial heart valves.

Novel Process Allows Bioprinting of Blood Vessels

By Thomas Klein -
An international research project developed a new process combining inkjet printing and stereolithography to create branched artificial blood vessels. In the future, the vessels might be used to support bioprinted tissue.

Johnson and Johnson and PCH Form Alliance to Support Med Tech Hardware Startups

By Bruce Gain -
Johnson and Johnson Innovation (JJI) and medical device manufacturer PCH have formed an alliance that will lend support to startups in the consumer medical hardware sector.

MIT Researchers Devise Method to 3-D print Glass Objects

By Thomas Klein -
A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led by Neri Oxman and Peter Houk has developed a technique to print three-dimensional glass objects.

New Textile Light Emitting Device Treats Skin Cancer

By Bernard Banga -
A French medical research laboratory has teamed-up with a textile engineering college to develop an innovative luminous textile device combined with a laser to treat actinic keratosis.

Greatbatch Swallows Lake Region Medical for $1.73 Billion

By Thomas Klein -
Frisco, Texas-based Greatbatch announced a deal that will make it one of the largest component suppliers for the medical device industry.

Abbott Denies Rumors of $25b Takeover Bid for St. Jude Medical

By Thomas Klein -
On Thursday, The Financial Times published an article speculating that Abbott Laboratories is preparing a $25bn offer for St. Jude Medical Inc. Abbott now said that the report was false.

Biomarker ROCA Test Launched in the UK to Detect Early Risk of Ovarian Cancer

By Adele Graham-King -
University College London Business Ltd (UCLB) spin-out company Abcodia has recently launched a new requestable biomarker based Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm (ROCA) test in the UK to determine the risk of ovarian cancer.

Medtronic Pays Up to $458m for Developer of Valve Replacement Devices

By Thomas klein -
Dublin-based medical device company Medtronic announced on Tuesday yet another acquisition.

Faulty Packing Causes Major Recall at Stryker

By THOMAS Klein -
The FDA has published notices last week informing that Stryker is recalling five orthopedic devices.