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Published: April 13, 2012
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Biocompatible Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings Have Properties Similar to Natural Diamond

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) produces a range of diamond-like carbon (DLC) biocompatible coatings for medical implants, including left ventricular assist device heart pumps and artificial joints. The Diamonex range of optimised DLC coatings provides a low-friction coating with properties approaching those of natural diamond. Applied to both LVAD housing and rotor elements, the coatings provide a medical barrier designed to lengthen the life of the device. In addition, the low coefficient-of-friction (0.03-0.25) also increases mechanical efficiency by minimising friction at start up and during operation. The coatings are designed to provide adhesion and wear resistance to hip and knee replacements.

The coatings can be applied to flat surfaces and three-dimensional parts using either direct ion beam or radio-frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition techniques. They feature a hardness of 15 to 30 gigapascals, which extends lifetime and prevents fretting and galling. The DLC coatings typically are about 2 to 5 μm thick, eliminating the need for subsequent machining.
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The diamond is really great.

The diamond is really great. We should be doing something to get ti right. - Lindsay Rosenwald