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Published: April 12, 2012
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Chemically Resistant, Optically Clear Adhesive Cures upon Exposure to UV Light

 Master Bond's UV15-7 adhesive

Developed for demanding bonding, coating and sealing applications, Master Bond’s UV15-7 adhesive produces nonyellowing, tough and durable bonds. The adhesive is 100% reactive and doesn’t contain any solvents or diluents. It adheres to a variety of substrates including glass, metals, plastics, polycarbonates and polymer films.

UV15-7 offers cure rates ranging from 5 sec to 3 min upon exposure to a UV light source. Maximum UV absorption occurs in the 280 to 360 nm range using a 200 W/in. medium pressure, mercury vapour lamp. UV15-7 is not inhibited by air and cures quickly at ambient temperatures.

Serviceable in temperatures ranging from −60 to 300°F, UV15-7 features a tensile strength exceeding 5000 psi, a 1.55 refractive index, and Shore D hardness over 70. Resistant to chemicals and thermal shock, it features a thermal expansion coefficient of 65–70x10-² and a volume resistivity of 1014 Ω/cm.

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So what makes it resistant to

So what makes it resistant to those equipment and how can it help in the medical field. - Scott Sohr Nashville