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Published: September 13, 2012
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In Focus: Power Supplies Comply with Stringent Medical Safety Regulations

XP Power Unveils Convection-Cooled Power Supply
XP Power has announced a new series of single-output 250-W ac-dc power supplies aimed at a range of industrial and medical applications. With up to 95% operating efficiency, the


convection-cooled CCB250 series generates very little waste heat and does not require any forced air cooling. The series achieves an absolute minimum efficiency of 90% with a 90 V-ac input at full load.

Meeting the stringent demands of the latest IEC 60601-1 3rd edition medical safety standard, the CCB250 complies with 2x MOPP (means of patient protection). The complete risk management files are available, thus removing the burden and expense typically placed on the end product designer in achieving product compliance. The series also complies with the requirements of BF (body floating) applications. For IT and industrial applications, the range is approved to IEC 60950-1.
In addition to being able to continuously deliver the maximum output of 250 W, the CCB250 has up to 300 W peak power capability, allowing the delivery of a short-term higher current, such as for starting motors. Measuring just 4 x 6 x 1.5 in., the open frame CCB250 series fits into a 1U space.
XP Power
Sunnyvale, CA, USA  +1 408 732 7777


Enclosed Type Power Supply Fulfills Energy-saving Requirements
Pewatron has introduced its new medical enclosed type MSP-300 power supply. The new MEAN WELL 300 W ac/dc series complies with international medical safety regulations and is characterised by its low leakage current of <300 μA at 264 V ac that is suitable for non-patient-contact equipment. Featuring high efficiency, extremely low no-load power consumption, low 1U profile and EMI Class B compliance, the new series fulfills the stringent demands of medical applications.

With the latest high-frequency switching technology, the MSP-300 can be cooled by the built-in long-life dc fan from -40 to +50°C ambient temperature under full-load condition, and up to +70°C with suitable derating. In addition, the MSP-300 series is equipped with 300 V ac input surge immunity for 5 sec, which can reduce damage caused by unstable ac mains. Other standard functions include short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, remote sensing and dc OK signal output. All MSP-300 models are equipped with built-in remote on/off control and 5-V/0.3-A standby output to achieve no-load power consumption of <0.5 W. Hence, they can be used in a variety of green mode medical equipment or electric devices and fulfill energy-saving requirements.

The MSP-300 series complies with global medical safety regulations. Applications include medical equipment requiring low leakage current, chemical and biological detection equipment, analysis facilities and any systems with low no-load power consumption requirements.
Pewatron AG
Zürich, Switzerland  +41 4487 735 02


Open-frame Switchers Are Available in Class I or Class II Versions
Suitable for use in medical applications, the GTM91110P240 open-frame ac/dc switch mode power supplies from GlobTek deliver up to 240 W in a 3-x-5-in. footprint. The devices are provided in factory-configured outputs from 12 to 55 V.

Available in Class I or Class II versions, the power supplies are 85% efficient at full load and include features such as active PFC, a built-in EMI filter, and a 12-V fan output as well as dc-input versions from 130 to 380 V dc.
GlobTek Deutschland GmbH
Münster, Germany  +49 2511 3496 371

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