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Published: November 21, 2012
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In Focus: Systems Automate Dispensing, Welding and other Processes

Automated Dispensing System Precisely Joins Clear and Coloured Thermoplastics
The precise dispensing of Nordson EFD’s Clearweld material systems enables high-performance thermoplastic welding. The effectiveness of the Clearweld system depends upon its compatibility with specific process parameters. One critical


success factor is the accurate delivery of the absorbing material to the joint surface. Nordson EFD’s automated dispensing systems have been tested and certified to deliver precise and repeatable flow control and deposit placement in the Clearweld process. The 741V-SS-CW/7100 system is designed for integration into automated production lines. The combination of stainless steel wetted components and zero dead fluid volume areas in the fluid path of the 741V-SS-CW valve ensures close tolerance deposit control. Valve operation is regulated with a ValveMate 7100 controller that simplifies setup, purging and adjustment of deposit size.

In batch processing operations, the DR2300 automation system combines the 741V-SS-CW dispense valve with a tabletop x-y-z positioning platform and integrated dispensing controls into one benchtop unit. Closed-loop servo controls, a cable drive system and powerful drive motors provide precise positioning of the dispensing tip. A range of general and discrete I/Os allows for integration with laser-curing systems. Programming is simplified by a graphic interface on a handheld teaching pendant.
Nordson EFD
Dunstable, UK  +44 1582 666 334

Vertical necking machine
A fully automated one-or two-sided vertical necking machine with feeding and cutting systems from BW-TEC can simultaneously neck down up to five tubes. The A641-006 can process up to 2000 tubes per shift with a process cycle time of one to two minutes. The material is supplied on spools that are mounted to a prefeed system. After the necking process, the material is cut and separated from the waste material. Operating parameters are programmable and can be stored. PLC and recipe driven, the machine is designed to reduce manual labour time in the catheter tube necking process. The system is suitable for use in a Class 10,000 cleanroom.
Höri, Switzerland  +41 44 863 7070

Micro-abrasive blasting lathe


Comco Inc., a manufacturer of micro-abrasive blasters, has developed an advanced machining platform for processing stents, bone screws, pacemakers and other medical devices, where a high degree of accuracy and repeatability is required. The advanced lathe features up to four axes of coordinated abrasive control for precision blasting. The added motion capability increases the range of part shape and size that can be effectively processed on this platform. All aspects of the abrasive blasting process are controlled by the lathe’s software, which automatically sets all necessary variables including pressure, travel path and nozzle speed. An LCD screen that is used to select programs also prompts the operator on tooling requirements. Smart tooling then checks that the installed tooling and head correctly match the selected program and informs the operator of any errors. The onboard computer is also network compatible, giving engineers the option of creating blasting programs remotely.
Comco Inc.
Burbank, CA, USA  +1 818 841 5500

Fully automated welder
A welding system enables the sterile connection of liquid-filled thermoplastic tubing with outer diameters measuring up to 1 in. The BioWelder Total Containment unit from Sartorius Stedim Biotech is suited for use on disposable bags or bag assemblies in all biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The fully automated sterile welding process can be performed in nonclassified or classified environments while maintaining product sterility.

The thermal weld is designed to be stable and to guarantee an ultrasafe connection. It has passed a series of stringent test regimens, according to the manufacturer.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Aubagne, France   +33 4428 45600

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