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Published: March 30, 2012
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Laser Technology Is Applied to Nitinol Parts

Laserage provides a variety of components for medical devices made from precision laser-cut tube materials such as nitinol (nickel-titanium alloys), stainless steel and cobalt-chromium alloys. The company offers precision laser machining, cutting, drilling and welding.

Applications include nitinol components for stent grafts, implant delivery components, vascular stents, vascular closures/connectors and catheter-based deployment components. The company also manufactures bone screws, bone saws and other orthopaedic, surgical and spinal instrumentation.

Electropolishing services are available to impart a smooth corrosion-resistant surface to nitinol-based stents, implants, catheter components and other devices that must be biologically compatible. Nitinol can also be sandblasted to achieve a rougher texture to aid in adhesion, mechanically polished to resemble stainless steel or chemically etched to accommodate polymer-coated finished products.

Laserage has expanded technologies to focus on the manufacturing of smaller feature sizes and increased precision capabilities through the installation of new lasers and state-of-the–art motion systems.
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Camilla Andersson

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