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Published: October 11, 2011
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Measurement Technology for Sensor Series Eliminates Need for Individual Tests

Honeywell continues to expand its TruStability board-mount pressure sensor platform with a new ultralow pressure sensor series that provides long-term stability, total error band (TEB), accuracy, flexibility, and high burst and working pressures.

The TruStability HSC (High Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series and SSC (Standard Accuracy Silicon Ceramic) Series use new Honeywell technology designed to combine three performance factors: high sensitivity, high overpressure and burst pressure. This technology protects the sensor, without sacrificing the ability to sense very small changes in pressure, and enhances durability.

The devices provide an amplified compensated digital or analogue output for reading pressure over the full scale pressure span in the ultralow pressure range of ±2.5 to ±40 mbar [±1 to ±30 inH2O], providing support for many industrial and medical applications. They can be used in medical control applications such as ventilators, anaesthesia machines, spirometers and nebulisers.

TEB measurement eliminates the need for individual sensor test and calibration. It specifies the sensor’s true accuracy over the compensated temperature range, so that customers can implement the sensors without having to calculate the total effect of individual errors that might be encountered in their applications. The TEB for the HSC Series varies between ±1 and ±3 %FSS (depending on pressure range), and the TEB for the SSC Series varies between ±2 and ±5 %FSS (depending on pressure range for the SSC Series).
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—Camilla Andersson


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