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Published: November 6, 2012
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Medica and Compamed Exhibitions Highlight New Products

Electric safety analysers, solenoid valves and ventouses are among the new products that will be introduced at Medica and Compamed this year. Medica/Compamed will also add several new forum programmes.The co-located shows will take place at Messe Düsseldorf from 14–17 November 2012 (Medica) and 14–16 November 2012 (Compamed).

Electrosurgical analysers
Rigel Medical will showcase its range of medical device performance analysers, electric safety analysers and vital sign simulators at Medica 2012. The company will demonstrate the new Uni-Therm high-current electrosurgical analysers, which are able to test all modern low-, medium- and high-current electrosurgical generators. With a new ultralow inductance high-resolution bank, the Uni-Therm can detail power in response to varying loads. Automatic control of the CUT-COAG allows automatic testing and results in improved safety whilst reducing test times.

Rigel will also show the Multi-Flo infusion pump analyser, which can be used for high and low flow, occlusion, back pressure and bolus measurement and features variants of one, two and four independent channels.

Each channel can be tested simultaneously across a range of 100 μL to 1500 mL per hour with results stored in the instrument’s internal memory.

The compact Uni-Pulse defibrillator analyser will be showcasing advanced measurement technology to verify the correct operation and functionality of defibrillators. The battery-powered analyser offers both manual and automatic programs for testing all monophasic, biphasic and pulsed waveform defibrillators. All captured waveforms are displayed in colour on a large display.

Rigel simulators include the Uni-Sim, which is capable of undertaking six synchronised vital signs parameter tests simultaneously: NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP and respiration functionality tests. Rigel Medical is part of the Seaward Group.
Rigel Medical
Hall 11 Stand C12

Solenoid valve


Diener Precision Pumps has introduced a bi-stable latching solenoid valve that uses less energy than conventional solenoid valves, according to the company.

Typically, valves remain in their currently set position, either open or closed, during a power failure. For medical applications this is an inadequate condition, as the machine needs to be in a safety mode to protect the patient. The new solenoid valve provides this feature. On-board electronics instantly put the valve in safety mode during a power failure. Along with energy savings and security, the bi-stable solenoid valve also stays cool. Since the solenoid is only activated for milliseconds, there is no heat buildup in the valve that can be transferred to fluids.

At Compamed 2012, Diener Precision Pumps will exhibit the new solenoid valve, as well as the Silencer Series of gear pumps and a small adjustable piston pump.
Diener Precision Pumps
Hall 08a Stand D06



Eg technology Ltd and ISIS dst Ltd will launch the Isis Ventouse at Medica 2012. The Isis ventouse was invented by two clinicians in response to the low success rate of ventouse-assisted deliveries. Isis dst Ltd licensed the right to develop the concept and employed eg technology Ltd, a product design and engineering consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, to develop the new ventouse.

The Isis ventouse is designed to provide increased reliability and safety of assisted delivery through its unique soft cup, which conforms to a range of head sizes and incorporates a new method of evacuating air to increase suction during contractions. The soft cup also reduces the risk of trauma to both mother and baby and increases success rates through reduced suction failure, according to the company. In the event of the cup falling off, the Isis can be re-applied thanks to the soft material. The cup only exerts high-level pressure on the baby’s head during contractions, with only minimal pressure exerted during rest periods, which lowers the risk of foetal damage, according to the company.
ISIS dst Ltd and eg technology Ltd
Hall 16 Stand F18-2

Modular roll stands
CIM, a specialist in carrier arms, will present a series of modular roll stands at Medica. These roll stands can be adapted to individual needs. Conceived for daily work in a clinical setting, the devices are ergonomically designed. They are made of anodised aluminium and feature an integrated cable management system. The devices are easy to clean and resistant to hospital-grade disinfectants.


The centrepiece is a base with five rollers and is available in a variety of versions. A small cruciform base made of aluminium can carry over 15 kg without a  counterweight. For greater loads, a heavier base of steel with asymmetrical cantilever arms provides the requisite stability. For example, the model can be used to secure the kind of heavy equipment used in video monitoring for endoscopies and diagnostics. The two models are equipped with double rollers for easy manoeuvring.

All CIM med carrier arms and components can be slipped onto the C-profile of the column. In addition to compliant tracks and handles, the company also provides baskets, cable hooks, infusion holders, drawer consoles and trays.

CIM offers a patented cable integrated mounting system, which allows for independent reconnecting and changing of supply cables. In addition to standard mounts, the company also offers customised systems for manufacturers of medical technology.
Hall 13 Stand C21

IVD coatings


Optima Life Science’s Medicon ImmuCoat line is a modular and scalable system for automated coating of microtitre plates for the manufacturing of Elisa test kits. Base stations for six to 12 process modules can be fitted as required with metering, extraction and washing modules and also with diverse pressure and control systems. The maximum output is 1200 plates per hour. The typical formats of 96 or 384 wells are batch-processed. In addition, two fully-acclimatised incubators/dryers are integrated in the display line. The incubators facilitate controlled reproduction of climatic conditions at temperatures from 4° to 37°C and relative humidity of 40% to 90%. With a special drying unit, well under 10% rH can be achieved.

Capacity changes and function additions such as the integration of a Medicon packaging module can be achieved without involving any further engineering.
Optima Life Science
Hall 3 Stand B64

Solenoid diaphragm metering pump
KNF Flodos develops and manufactures a range of high-tech products and has introduced the FMM 80 solenoid diaphragm metering pump for medical devices, medical diagnostics and other applications. The dispense volume can be adjusted between 30 and 80 µl. The FMM 80 can be driven with single impulses to deliver discrete microvolumes, or a pulsed signal at a frequency of up to 10 Hz to provide continuous flow. It is stable against varying pressure and accepts a dual-function valve. The pump has a compact design. As with all KNF pumps, a selection of materials is available.

KNF Flodos is part of the KNF Group and was founded in 1987. The company has focused its efforts on research and development as well as production of liquid pumps and accessories.
KNF Flodos
Hall 08a Stand H04

Power supplies


An international manufacturer and vendor of power supplies and chargers, Friwo focuses on platform and customised power supplies for medical devices, industrial applications and other markets. Friwo’s products are designed to comply with current safety standards and regulations. The company’s medical line is recommended for blood analysers, patient monitoring, measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, inhalers and patient lifts. All medical units comply with IEC 60601-1. Exchangeable primary plugs are available for most of the GPP or PP products.
Hall 08a Stand P10

EJ BioMed, an Eldon James company, specialises in the manufacture of low- extractable tubing, luers and hose connectors used in medical and bioprocess applications. The company has an ISO Class 8 cleanroom production facility in the United States. The company also opened an office in Stuttgart, Germany, in August 2012 to better serve European markets.

EJ BioMed’s cleanroom facility focuses on the manufacture of products designed for the life science, bioprocessing, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Autoclavable TPE tubing, bag ports, luers and connectors made with USP Class VI resins are manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 environment. The company offers partnership manufacturing capabilities that include extrusion, injection moulding and thermoformed tubing.

EJ BioMed also manufactures antimicrobial tubing and fittings that inhibit the growth of bacteria moulds, fungi and other microbes through the release of silver ions.
Eldon James
Hall 08b Stand G20-4

Surface measurement


NanoFocus AG provides 3-D surface measurement technology for product development and quality control. In medical technology, a precise knowledge of the surface characteristics of components is indispensable. Surface structures in the micrometre and nanometre dimension can be determined using optical 3-D measurement technology from NanoFocus.
In March 2012, µsurf technology from NanoFocus was recognised by the MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards for its contribution in advancing medical technology. Possible applications include wear analyses of dental implants, roughness measurements of artificial joints, form precision of blood sensors and stent inspection.

The noncontact measuring method produces images at the submicrometre level. Analyses of tribology, microgeometry, micro- and nano-volume, topography and layer thickness of most surfaces can be performed, according to the company.
Nanofocus AG
Hall 8a Stand H23


Moulded parts
Raumedic is a development partner and producer of systems and components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With three manufacturing facilities in Germany and a research and development centre, the company produces customised tubing, moulded parts and components and systems.

The company developed a comprehensive quality management system according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.
Hall 8a Stand F28




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