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Published: February 9, 2012
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New Digital Differential Pressure Sensors Offer Low Power Consumption

Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion has launched new differential pressure sensors that feature low energy consumption, making them suitable for long-term battery operation. The SDP606 and SDP616 sensors are designed to enter sleep mode after performing each measurement. They start up when a measure command is received and enter sleep mode again after completing the measurement. The operation currents of a standard SDP600 sensor can be as high as 6 mA, but the new SDP6x6 sensor is optimised for operating currents no greater than 400 µA. There is virtually no current drain (<1 µA) in sleep mode.

This reduction in power consumption allows the new sensors to be used in battery powered applications. The new differential pressure sensors are suitable for medical and HVAC applications, where high accuracy and reliability with very low energy consumption are required.The new sensors extend the comprehensive product range of Sensirion’s digital differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 series.
Sensirion AG
Staefa ZH, Switzerland +41 44 306 4000


Yvonne Klöpping

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