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Published: January 10, 2012
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Rotary Tables Are Compatible with Cleanroom Environments

Rotary tables from IntelLiDrives incorporate RotoLinear motor technology in a compact, direct-drive configuration. The small 37-mm-profile tables with outside diameters from 100 to 200 mm operate on air bearings for frictionless, maintenance-free operation; they can be supplied with a large aperture through the centre. Because of the absence of wear and particle emissions, the tables are compatible with a cleanroom environment.

Tables can be supplied with the company’s I-Drives microstepping indexers and drivers and are compatible with third-party stepping motor control electronics. The tables can be used in automatic analysers, robotic dispensors, automated workstations and handlers, pick-and-place devices and other medical manufacturing and laboratory automation applications.
IntelLiDrives Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, USA  +1 215 728 6804


Yvonne Klöpping

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Rotary tables specifications

Link to the specifications of the rotary tables profiled in this technical brief: