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Published: February 22, 2012

Schurter’s Multi-Touch Input Systems Now Feature Scratch Resistant Glass Surfaces

Schurter has expanded its family of input systems with glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front. According to the firm, the new PCI (Projected Capacitive Input) touch panels function with high positioning accuracy, are easy to clean, resistant to scratches and abrasion as well as to chemicals. PCI panels allow the user to operate the system with more than just one finger at a time.

The popular multi-touch technology as used in smart phones or tablets has been further developed for industrial use and provides the potential for a major leap in innovation concerning operating concepts in machine construction and industrial automation. Touch gestures such as spreading fingers to zoom in or out, or flicking to scroll quickly are evaluated by the application software, making the PCI panel an intuitive and completely integrated operating concept. In the industrial sector, touch gestures are used for example when “flicking through” possible settings and when searching a document for specific information. Further options are navigating by flicking through overviews and magnifying process photographs and characteristic curves using the spread gesture.

The use of multi-touch sensors from ITO (indium tin oxide) foil layers also allows arched operating panels. Options include illuminated keys, sliders and wheels outside the multi-touch display’s active surface and integrated behind the glass panel. Application areas for the PCI touch panel include industrial automation, machine construction, medical technology, POI/POS terminals and instrumentation systems.


Yvonne Klöpping

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