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Published: November 29, 2012
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Spotlight on Laser Systems


Laser remote unit
Coherent has expanded its OBIS family of plug-and-play smart laser modules and accessories with the OBIS 6-Laser Remote that integrates the power supply and control of up to six separate lasers in a stand-alone format. Measuring 105 x 68 x 36 mm, the remote integrates operation of multiple lasers and allows all OBIS lasers to use a single 12-V power supply. It incorporates a CDRH-requisite on or off master key switch as well as individual colour-coded flip switches to power on/off up to six different OBIS lasers.
Coherent (Deutschland) GmbH
Dieburg, Germany  +49 1735 904 377


Laser plastic welding
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG has introduced a special version of its LQ-Vario. In the MF version, a high-precision fibre laser is suitable for ultrafine weld seams with a width of only 70 µm. The 2-µm version, a special fibre laser with a wavelength of approximately 2 µm, produces precise joins for transparent welds. This flexible and compact laser welding machine is specially equipped for the economical processing of small and medium series.
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
Garbsen, Germany +49 5131 709 50


Laser cutting
Europlaz Technologies has added laser cutting of medical devices and components to its services. The new service complements its existing range of cleanroom assembly offerings for surgical, orthopaedic, diagnostic and implantable devices. The company applies a range of processes in medical device assembly, including ultrasonic welding, RF welding and skilled assembly. Options for high-quality packaging of the finished products include custom-formed trays, four side seal pouches and aseptic liquid filling.
Europlaz Technologies
Southminster, UK  +44 1621 773 471 


Selective laser sintering
Composites Busch provides rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services using selective laser sintering. The material’s biocompatibility and mechanical behaviour make it suitable for the production of prototypes and medical products. Resistance to heat and chemicals allows for easy decontamination and sterilisation of products in conformance to hospital standards. The ISO-13485-certified company also can perform gamma sterilisation.
Composites Busch SA
Porrentruy, Switzerland  +41 32 465 7030


Multi-modal laser module
Raytheon Elcan’s multi-modal laser module assembly is customisable for laser scanning, industrial, machine vision and medical applications. The module increases the reliability of data and results by compensating for frequency-related destabilisation, according to the company. Featuring a small footprint, the module is not wavelength dependent and is field replaceable without realignment.
Raytheon Elcan Optical Technologies
Midland, ON, Canada  +1 705 526 5401


Manual microwelding
SED provides laser welding and joining inside and outside an ISO 7 cleanroom environment. Most of the laser welding is performed under neutral gas to limit the risk of corrosion, especially for stainless steel. The company uses manual laser welding machines specially adapted for very fine laser weld spots smaller than 50 µm. Components, assemblies and finished products manufactured by SED find applications in cardiac and neurological stimulation, orthopaedics, microsurgery and invasive surgery.
Société Études Développements (SED)
Voutezac, France  +33 5 5525 0590


Laser ablation and structuring
The latest generation of lasers from Rofin-Baasel are capable of ultrashort pulses, allowing medical devices made from virtually any material to be successfully ablated. StarFemto laser sources produce pulses shorter than 1 ps to accomplish precise and selective processing of work-piece surfaces using the ablation process, a technique that is suitable for microstructuring, drilling, cutting or scribing. The company’s solid-state lasers cover a range of applications within the medical device industry.
Rofin-Baasel UK Ltd
Daventry, UK  +44 1327 701 100


Laser bonding
The MSI LB1000 laser bonding equipment provides process control and feedback by means of a closed-loop control system. It features integrated infrared temperature, laser power sensors and a user-defined beam- width configured in a column shape, which ensures consistent contact of the beam with the work piece. Additional features include drop-in product handling, bar code scanning, integrated vision assist and jog controls. Applications include proximal and distal balloon bonds, soft tip attachment, and other catheter and tube bonding processes.
Machine Solutions GmbH
Munich, Germany  +49 1737 773 317


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