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Published: September 9, 2010
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Tubing, profiles and fibre

Among the range of engineered components and materials a manufacturer’s representative offers the medical technology industry is a selection of tubing, profile and fibre products made from fluoropolymers, thermoplastics, thermoset materials and elastomers. The portfolio emphasises custom-extruded medical-grade and high-performance plastics. Multilumen, coextruded, multilayer, spiral-cut, convoluted, bump, striped and radiopaque tubing is available, as is single-lumen tubing in the size range of 25 μm to several inches. Tubes with wire-reinforced shafts, solid-coloured and multicoloured tubes, beaded tubes and heat-shrink tubing also are offered, as are gaskets and O-rings. This category of the product line is rounded out with rods and optical fibres and custom profiles. The products are manufactured with close tolerances.
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