Product News

  • New 3D Endoscopy Module from Karl Storz
    Image Spies 3D completes the new modular camera platform with 3D endoscopy in Full HD.    
  • Sintered Porous Plastics
    Sintered porous plastic materials from Porvair Filtration are suitable for use in a range of medical device applications.
  • Syringe Pump
    The lightweight, small-footprint 30-mm Smart syringe pump has been designed to provide high performance in analytical instruments that require ultraprecise fluid delivery.  
  • Electronic Interconnects
    Molex Inc. offers a portfolio of electronic connection products for integration into medical devices.   
  • Mechatronic-System Simulation Software
    The mechatronic-system simulation software LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is designed to help manufacturing company engineers model the operational characteristics of new products.  
  • Quality-Monitoring System
    The latest version of the maXYmos process and part quality monitoring system from Kistler Instruments Ltd, the maXYmos TL, comes with a range of compatible sensors. 
  • Electrostatic Coating System
    The AccuJet electrostatic coating system developed by Spraying Systems Co. is designed to help manufacturers cope with the many challenges involved in stent coating.  
  • Large-Diameter Seals
    Bal Seal offers a line of one-piece spring-energised seals for slow-speed rotary and reciprocating medical device applications includes seals with inner diameters as large as 120 in.
  • Custom Thermoplastic Elastomers
    Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) manufactured by Actega DS GmbH, including the ProvaMed portfolio for medical devices, offer generous application flexibility
  • Cable Assemblies for High-Volume and Small-Batch Requirements
    Intelliconnect provides bespoke cable assemblies to satisfy both high-volume and small-batch requirements for RF applications.
  • Precision Rotary Tooling with Cutting Pressure Regulator
    Specialty machines manufacturer SCHOBERTECHNOLOGIES has introduced a new cutting pressure regulator. 
  • Connectors for harsh environments
    Fischer Connectors has introduced the size 07 into its "Ultimate" Series. The new connector is smaller, more compact and lighter than the other sizes, yet withstands the same stringent requirements and is therefore suitable for harsh and extreme environments.
  • New Optical Profiler for 3D Optical Profilometry
    Sensofar has introduced its new ›S neox‹, designed for non-contact optical 3D surface topology and nanostructure measurements in medical technology, semiconductor, microoptics and microarrays, MEMS and other fields.
  • Microdiaphragm Pump Improves Efficiency of Portable Wound-Care Devices
    A microdiaphragm pump has been introduced for integration with portable medical devices designed for advanced wound-care applications. The Parker T2-05-IC pump from the Precision Fluidics division of Parker Hannifin Corp. generates negative pressure to draw down dressings over the wound area and mai
  • Invibio Introduces Hydroxyapatite-Enhanced PEEK
                        Invibio Biomaterial Solutions has launched a biomaterial that combines PEEK-Optima and hydroxyapatite (HA), a well-known osteoconductive material. PEEK-Optima HA Enhanced polymer provides a complete homogeneous compoun