Catheter and Stent Manufacturing

  • Interface Catheter Solutions Advances Balloon-Forming Process with High-efficiency Water Jackets
    Interface Catheter Solutions’ new high-efficiency water jackets are designed to improve balloon yields and balloon-forming cycle times as well as to create a more uniform thermal profile and repeatable ramping capabilities. The new water jackets are available for Interface balloon-forming equi...
    (July, 2012)
  • A Cut Above in Urinary Catheter Fabrication
    Using ultrasonic processing technology to form apertures in catheters produces a smoother surface than conventional techniques and may help to prevent catheter-caused urinary tract infections.
    (June, 2012)
  • Extrusion Systems Provide Material Flexibility and Performance
    Gimac offers integrated extrusion systems for catheter manufacturers. Its latest systems are focused on material flexibility and performance, precision and flexibility, streamlined design and ease of use. New achievements include elongational range and consistency especially for FEP, PA12 and PEBA m...
    (August, 2011)
  • The Next Generation of Microextrusion Technology
    Microextrusion in combination with new and established manufacturing technologies offers opportunities for innovation.
    (February, 2011)
  • Katheterfertigung: Tipps und Tricks zur richtigen Materialauswahl
    Die Materialien der Katheterkomponenten sollten unter anderem nach chemischen und mechanischen Eigenschaften aber auch mit Hinblick auf Biokompatibilität und gegebenenfalls Blutverträglichkeit ausgewählt werden. Außerdem sollten spätere Konfektionsschritte wie das Füge...
    (February, 2011)
  • Intelligent-catheter design
    Creganna-Tactx Medical specialises in the design and development of what it calls intelligent catheters: devices that integrate several technologies to perform advanced functions such as active feedback, sensing, pressure monitoring and real-time diagnostics. Developing catheters that blend these ca...
    (September, 2010)
  • Add-On Device Significantly Boosts Catheter Balloon Throughput
    Silicon Valley–based Beahm Designs Inc. announces the release of a product designed to improve performance for industry-standard balloon development systems. The AC100, which attaches to existing hot air systems, enhances functionality and performance whilst retaining flexibility and ease of u...
    (September, 2010)
  • Swager Addresses Automated Batch Processing of PTA Catheters
    Machine Solutions Inc. has launched an automated marker band swager for assembly of PTA and other specialty catheters. The SW675S automated marker band swaging system addresses requirements of peripheral devices with band-to-band spacing for long PTA products. The SW675S also works with mapping cath...
    (August, 2010)
  • Tuohy Borst Adapter
    The 80369 Tuohy Borst adapter from Qosina accepts catheters from 2 to 6 on the French scale (0.66 to 2.11 mm). The adapter features a male luer spin lock to minimise tubing kinks when connecting. The adapter’s silicone gasket creates a seal around catheters or wires preventing the backflow...
    (March, 2010)
  • The Challenge for Biomaterials in Urology
    Urinary catheters and other urological devices are used in enormous numbers worldwide. Yet, their use increases the patient’s risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. This review of developments introduced to mitigate this risk asks for a basic redesign of the catheter. 
    (January, 2010)
  • Laser Welding System Meets Acute Production Challenges
    A fabricator of medical-grade metal tubing has invested in a fully integrated laser welder to boost production capacity and flexibility
    (January, 2010)
  • Micro Abrasive Blasting Delivers 21st Century Stents
    As the applications for stents expand, contract manufacturers have responded with improvements in manufacturing operations.
    (September, 2009)
  • Stent Guide Maker Uses Electric Moulding Machines to Achieve High Precision
    Initial outlay pays off handsomely in part quality, reduction in cycle time and extension of tooling life span, says contract moulder
    (September, 2009)
  • Manufacturing High Quality Urinary Catheters
    Forty-four percent of hospital patients with indwelling catheters can develop significant bacteriuria within 72 hours of catheterisation.1 It is, therefore, critical that catheters are manufactured with perfectly smooth surfaces and apertures to reduce the potential for infection. An ultrasonic cutt...
    (January, 2009)
  • Media Selection For Micro Blasting Medical Parts
    Micro blasting is used in a range of applications including catheter, stent and pacemaker manufacturing. The correct media to use for the required surface is defined here together with some of the finer points of the process to ensure successful results.
    (October, 2008)
  • Shows & Conferences
    INDUSTRY NEWS New Medical Trade Show to Be Held in Karlsruhe Focusing on precision components for medical device manufacturers, the new MediPart trade show will be held alongside the SurFacts and InterPart trade shows at the Messe Karlsruhe in Germany 3–5 June. The SurFacts ...
    (May, 2008)
  • Recent developments in catheter processing
    Ball-screw drive promotes endurance and smooth operation
    (March, 2008)
  • Predictive Modelling For Delivery Shaft Design
    A new approach to designing delivery shafts is described in this article. The approach employs finite element analysis methodology to find optimal solutions to design problems in shaft performance and to significantly reduce development timelines. The steps of the process and its advantages are desc...
    (January, 2008)
  • Optimised System Configuration For Stent Manufacturing
    Optimising the major components of a laser stent machining platform will lead to improved part quality and machine throughput. Mechanical, control and software elements are reviewed here. Trends in stent design are also discussed together with their implications on these machine design elements.
    (January, 2008)
  • The Use Of Adhesives For Catheter Bonding
    This article discusses the selection of adhesives for catheter bonding and provides insights into joint design, adhesive curing, and dispensing techniques.
    (January, 2008)
  • A Hydrophilic Technology For Intermittent Urinary Catheters
    A biocompatible and highly lubricous hydrophilic coating has been developed for intermittent urinary catheters. The coating has additives incorporated into it, which reduce the drying out of the catheter when it is inserted into the urethra, and antimicrobial agents can be incorporated into it to mi...
    (January, 2008)
  • Catheter Hole Making
    The science and technology of making good quality holes in tubing is an important issue for the success of the application. The process options and their benefits and limitations are examined.
    (November, 2007)
  • Ireland: Delivering Today and Tomorrow
    The Irish medical device industry employs, per capita, the highest number of people of all the medical technology sectors in the European Union. The industry is buoyant with many new initiatives underway to ensure its future growth.
    (October, 2007)
  • Stent Development: A Surface Issue
    The research surrounding stent development has found surface analysis techniques to be invaluable tools. As this product sector works on its next-generation devices, combining the use of these techniques is providing critical qualitative and quantitative data. The value to other products that involv...
    (September, 2007)
  • The Last Word on Drug-Eluting Stents? Not So Fast...
    “Drug-Coated Stents May Not Significantly Raise Risk of Blood Clots” trumpeted a September 2 headline in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal. “International Study Shows Stent Risks” countered the Washington Post two days later. Both stories carried a Vienna dateline...
    (September, 2007)