Video Vault

Welcome to the EMDT Video Vault. We have compiled short, informative video clips showcasing innovative new products and services available to medical device manufacturers. Click on the clips below to get an in-depth look at suppliers demonstrating the products that could help you with your next project.

Check out videos from the MEDTEC shows here.

The High Edge Chocolate Story
Using chocolate bars to illustrate different terms, this video explains how a medical device company can use a specialist regulatory consultancy to help them get their product CE-marked and ready for market.

rkert TwinPower
In this video, Neil Saunders, Sales Manager at Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, demonstrates the company's next-generation fluid control system.


ESR 2010 (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer)
ESR2010 is a small and compact portable desktop fully automated random access erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analyzer.


Renfrew Group International
Infection Control by Renfrew Group International


Google Science Fair 2012: How can robots aid scientific research?
At the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, robots made from LEGO are helping out with the repetitive task of dipping a scaffold in different solutions. The task is part of the process of growing artificial bone samples. The video was produced by Google and is part of the promotion for the Google Science Fair 2012.



Rhodotron Electron Beam Sterilisation for Medical Devices
This video shows an E-beam sterilisation process using IBA's TT200 Rhodotron.